The podcast platform

A powerful podcast player with audio snippets and transcripts.

iPhone Feature 01 illustration
iPhone Feature 01

Preview episodes with transcripts

Read transcripts while listening to podcasts. Very helpful to keep track of the details mentioned. Check out this example of "How to get rich without getting lucky by Naval Ravikant", no app needed! Works on the web.

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iPhone Feature 02

Bookmark Snippets

Found something interesting while listening? Bookmark it! You can easily create snippets with short audio fragments to save for later.

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Share Snippets

Introducing a new way to share audio fragments on social media. Snippets are shareable as a video containing transcripts so you can quote the best content!

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iPhone Feature 02

Create and share Playlists

Create playlist with episodes. People ask you for podcasts recommendations? Here's an easy way to share a link to your playlist.

Download while free

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