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Naval on wealth creation. On Twitter at @naval.


Externalities: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Products

Jul 31 2019 • 103 MIN

Externalities let you account for the true cost of products by including hidden costs like environmental damage. • Pricing externalities properly is more effective than feel-good measures 0:32 • Pr...

Net Present Value: What Future Income Is Worth Today

Jul 29 2019 • 62 MIN

Calculate what future income is worth today by applying a discount to its future value. • Figure out what future income is worth today by applying a discount rate 0:00 Transcript: http://nav.al/npv

Consumer Surplus: Getting More Than You Paid For

Jul 25 2019 • 0 MIN

A lot of people are willing to pay more than what companies charge. • Consumer surplus is the extra value you get when you pay less than you were willing 0:00 Transcript: http://nav.al/surplus

Price Discrimination: Charge Some People More

Jul 23 2019 • 70 MIN

You can charge people for extras based on their propensity to pay. • Price discrimination is a technique for charging certain people more 0:00 • Rich people and large enterprises are willing to pay...

Compounding Relationships Make Life Easier

Jul 19 2019 • 149 MIN

Life gets a lot easier when you know someone’s got your back. • Compounding relationships make life easier 0:00 • It’s better to have a few compounding relationships than many shallow ones 1:11 • I...

Turn Short-Term Games Into Long-Term Games

Jul 15 2019 • 162 MIN

Improve your leverage in negotiations by turning short-term relationships into long-term ones. • Pareto optimal solutions require a trade-off to improve any criterion 0:00 • Negotiations are won by...