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Conflict Zone: Confronting the Powerful

DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

DW's top political interview. Hard-hitting interview going beyond the normal soundbite culture. Prepare to enter the Conflict Zone.


Mica Mosbacher on Conflict Zone

Oct 31 2020 • 1566 MIN

“Americans are looking for hope,” says a Trump campaign adviser, but will voters turn to a president who many say botched the country’s response to a global health emergency? Tim Sebastian meets Mi...

Ken Cuccinelli on Conflict Zone

Oct 14 2020 • 1566 MIN

A deeply divided US is heading towards its election with polls showing many people are afraid of violence. DW's Conflict Zone talks to Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary for the Department of ...

Israeli MP Nir Barkat on Conflict Zone

Jul 22 2020 • 1566 MIN

Benjamin Netanyahu remains prime minister while on trial for corruption, but unrest is growing in Israel, including over the response to the pandemic. Nir Barkat, a Likud MP and ally of the PM, is ...

Zimbabwe FM Sibusiso Moyo on Conflict Zone

Jul 15 2020 • 1566 MIN

Zimbabwe’s government vowed essential reforms but has failed to reassure the international community, whose support it desperately needs. Are its promises just shallow phrases? DW’s Sarah Kelly ask...

Hezbollah MP Ibrahim Mousawi on Conflict Zone

Jun 24 2020 • 1566 MIN

Hezbollah is banned in many countries as a terrorist group but is a powerful political force in Lebanon and was a kingmaker of the new government. Is the group hindering or helping the reforms the ...

Sweden’s FM Linde: ‘We managed to flatten the curve’

Jun 17 2020 • 1565 MIN

Sweden’s coronavirus strategy has led to a death rate much higher than that of its neighbors. Did the country badly miscalculate? DW’s Conflict Zone meets the country’s foreign minister.