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#353: Modern Hippie (@TFerriss)

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Tim Ferriss met me in Austin to talk about travel and art and nature and love. He's a hippie. He's what the new version of a hippie is. He makes time to see interesting places around the world. He limits the amount of work work in his life. He's waaaaay into mushrooms. This is what we are now. This is what hippies have become. I'm one, too. It ain't tye-dye hemp shirts and ponytails any more. Road Dates Portland - The Alladin - April 26 Seattle - The Neptune - April 27 Calgary - Yuk Yuks - May 2-4 Cleveland - Hilarities - May 9-11 Omaha - Funny Bone - May 17-18 Columbus - Funny Bone - June 14-15 Brooklyn - Shaffirfest - June 21-23 Indianapolis - Helium - July 31 Milwaukee - Turner Hall - August 4 Atlantic City - The Borgata - September 7 Madison - Comedy on State - September 19-21  




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