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November 9, 2020 Fluoride Removal Activist: Brenda Staudenmaier

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Fluoride removal activist Brenda Staudenmaier joined me on November 9th to discuss her push for removal of fluoride additives in municipal drinking water in Green Bay and the U.S. https://www.ideasbyelliot.com/sites/default/files/fluoridation-table-1.png https://www.ideasbyelliot.com/sites/default/files/fluoridation-table-2.png https://www.ideasbyelliot.com/sites/default/files/fluoridation-cochrane.png Green Bay Special Meeting of Protection and Policy Agenda Packet: https://greenbaywi.civicclerk.com/web/UserControls/DocPreview.aspx?p=1&aoid=6902      




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