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APP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy

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A troubling trend seems to have emerged with this Packers team - a lack of energy and enthusiasm at home games.  The Packers were 13.5 point favorites coming into this game but they barely squeaked out a win at home against a bad team that traveled from a warm weather climate nonetheless.  The Packers lost two weeks ago at home to a division rival (Vikings) in similar fashion - lack of energy on all sides of the ball. OFFENSE: The Packers had scored on every opening possession of every game this year, but promptly went 3 and out to start this game - this was a sign of things to come. The Jags actually took the lead 3-0 early in this game...Rodgers then hit a bomb for a TD to MVS to get the Packers on the board. MVS had a really nice game - he was one of only a few bright spots in the game. Rodgers and the offense looked incredibly bland and low energy for basically the entire game - it really made no sense. He threw a terrible INT on a crossing route to MVS that practically looked telegraphed Davante Adams had one of his worst games since his miserable 2nd season - multiple drops and a bad fumble that was recovered by the Jags. He did have a great TD catch late in the game where he had to high point a ball in the end zone which he did. The game was basically a back and forth seesaw for most of the day - the packers offense never got going and just looked listless. DEFENSE: Both of the Packers starting CBs were out with injuries in this game and by and large the back-ups performed ok. Jacksonville had a rookie QB making his 2nd career start, he was very inconsistent and missed a fair amount of wide open receivers.  Had a competent QB been playing against the packers they might have blown us out. This defense still cannot stop the run with any sort of consistency - it's hard to watch.  Kenny Clark has been hurt for basically half this year, but all in all he has been underwhelming. Preston Smith has his own energy problem - that guys seems to be loafing more and more lately.  He gets taken out of way too many plays too easily. P Smith did make a couple plays late, but they have been few and far between this year. Adrian Amos had an easy gift interception, but given how rare turnovers have been for this defense they will take anything they can get. SPECIAL TEAMS: Special teams had a terrible game today...easily their worst game of the season. JK Scott is maddeningly inconsistent when the weather gets cold, which is a problem since he plays for the Green Bay Packers. Scott hit a low line drive on one punt that was easily returned for a touchdown - the returner caught it without anyone within 20 yards of him and then he made JK Scott look like Andy trying to tackle him. PREDICTIONS: Elliot 22-21 "Set the Tone" Packers Andy "Rivers Might Shred Packers" 27-24 Packers Jeremy "Game of Matchups - Bad Matchup For the Packers" 33-20 Colts




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