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APP #69 - The Two Andys

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Andy interviews his dad (also named Andy!) about the road packer games that they've attended over the past +20 years.  Both Andys have been to a fair amount of horrid road losses, but there have also been some great road wins to include Super Bowl XLV in 2010. 1997 PACKERS VS. 49ers NFFCG - (Andy Jr only) 2003 PACKERS VS. RAMS PLAYOFFS - Brett Favre 6 INTs 2004 PACKERS VS. EAGLES PLAYOFFS - 4th & 26 2007 PACKERS VS. DALLAS COWBOYS - Rodgers almost wins the game in for an injured Favre (Andy Jr only) 2009 PACKERS VS. VIKINGS REG. SEASON - Favre hammers Rodgers (Andy Jr only) 2010 PACKERS VS. BEARS NFCCG - Packers eek one out to go to SBXLV 2010 PACKERS VS. STEELERS SB XLV - Packers win SB! 2012 PACKERS VS. 49ERS PLAYOFFS - Kaepernick destroys the Packers (Andy Jr only) 2013 PACKERS VS. COWBOYS - Flynn leads a comeback down 26-3 at halftime (Andy Jr. only) 2013 PACKERS VS. BEARS - Rodgers 4th down prayer to Randall Cobb on 4th down 2014 PACKERS VS. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Opening game Packers get hammered Predictions: Andy: 31-17 Packers AH2: 34-17 Packers Elliot: 37-11 Packers




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