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Coronavirus Modeler Youyang Gu; News Roundup

Covid Daily News: Coronavirus Developments With Nate Duncan and Ben Taylor - see all episodes

Youyang Gu discusses the methods behind his successful coronavirus modeling and what he sees coming in the next few months. He and Ben nerd out on modeling talk. Nate also does a solo news segment discussing mask adherence on planes, testing shortages again becoming an issue, and the “pause” in reopening in Texas. Plus, a comparison of which countries experienced the most impact in long-term care facilities. Please subscribe on Apple, Spotify  or via RSS Feed, or search “Nate Duncan” in your podcast player. If you want to support this ad-free show please join Nate’s Patreon, Patreon.com/DuncanLeroux. With Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Ben Taylor (@ElGee35). Articles and studies cited on the show Passenger removed from American Airlines flight has been temporarily banned by the airline US Department of Justice supports federal lawsuit challenging the legality of Hawaii’s 14-day mandatory quarantine order for visitors Trump Sued for Threat to Pull Covid-19 Funding Over Indian Blockade CDC says COVID-19 cases in US may be 10 times higher than reported Arizona ‘Overwhelmed’ With Demand for Tests as U.S. System Shows Strain 81% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada were in long-term care – nearly double OECD average Support the show.




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