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Deborah Tavares | Weather Weapons, Resource Restrictions, & The Control Agenda

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Today we're joined by the passionate researcher and activist, Deborah Tavares of StopTheCrime.net. Deborah is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self‐employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build‐out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation’s AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man‐made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the “global warming” movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. Resources mentioned: Have You Seen This 1959 Disney Admission? ALERT - DisArming America - Mind Control - Tesla & More with Deborah Tavares Silent Weapons For Quite Wars FIRES - This is WAR - We Are Being “Intentionally” BURNED UP




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