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APP #66 - Whooped by Grandpa Bay

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Packers jumped out to a 10 point lead in the first quarter dominating time of possesion, but then Rodgers explicably threw a pick six and then another interception on the next drive that led to a touchdown and a quick TB 14-10 lead mid 2nd quarter.  The pick six was the beginning of the end led to a complete collapse by the offense and defense.  The packers can feast on mediocre/bad teams but they get their pants pulled down way too often against upper tier teams. Far too often they are not even competitive. OFFENSE: Guys got pretty banged up early - Tonyan and Irvin both went out in the first quarter. Tyler Irvin got hurt early and basically all pre-snap motion disappeared. Rodgers - who was playing out of his mind coming into this game, threw INTs on back to back series, with one going for a pick six...very odd. Rodgers then missed a WIDE OPEN Marcedes Lewis for what would have been an easy, long TD. Rodgers was lost the entire 2nd quarter and the remainder of the game - LOST. Rodgers was getting pressured on almost every snap from the 2nd quarter on - that didn't help anything. Trying to look at some trends that are showing up with Lefluer - lots of good trends, but here are a couple bad ones: Multiple HORRID, non-competitive losses on the road. Not figuring out how to get Davante Adams to help the offense when he comes back from injury. David Bhaktiari suffered a "chest injury" in the 3rd quarter, which effectively ended any chance of keeping the game close, let alone winning it. DEFENSE: The defense actually started the game with a 3 and out of Tom Brady - I almost fainted. The pick six on Rodgers and additional interception did not help the defense, but they stunk today again. 104 year old Rob Gronkowski destroyed the packers defense - it was embarassing. Tom Brady was NEVER under duress - basically played the game clean without having to deal with any pressure. The safety play on this team is not good...what else is there to say? Josh Jackson was AWFUL - commited a +40 yard PI penalty in the end zone and gave up an easy TD to a rookie WR for Tampa Bay.  He should not be playing any meaningful snaps anymore, but Kevin King was injured so he was forced to. It is stunning to see how much better and faster the linebackers are/were for Tampa Bay.  They were flying all over the place and running so fast sideline to sideline. SPECIAL TEAMS: Nothing to report here, except that Tyler Irvin got hurt. Texans Predictions Andy 30-24 (Packers) Elliot 35-15 (Packers) Jeremy 33-28 (Packers)




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